Grandkid Pictures are Priceless

Grandkid pictures are priceless so when something happen to them it is sad and heart braking.  Picture help people to remember the past and sometimes can help them reconnect or come back to reality.  Picture are healing and loving memories.  So take care  of your picture  and keep the safe anyway you can think of .  Now days with the internet and computers it is starting to get better. images3D4R1L0J  We can save our pictures in the cloud on a disc so many different ways. The most important pictures that I care about are the grandkids because I have been with them from birth through their birthdays on vacations with them and with their great milestones of their growing lives graduation to sailing off to other countries to protect the oceans and safe people. Just look now in Dahlonega kids are cute.

Dana Sibilsky Written by: