How to Begin Your Career As A Freelance Photographer

Photography is not only something you do for leisure, but it can be converted to a well-paying career that you can live off. There are many successful photographers who have capitalized on their skills to make a career out of it. As a beginner in photography, you might be wondering what could be the perfect way to become a successful freelance photographer. As Summit Shah, a successful photographer, points out, you need to master a few vital things that will present you as a professional in photography. Here are some of the steps you should follow to become a successful freelance photographer.

Build a portfolio

Building a portfolio is the first step to becoming a professional freelance photographer. What this basically means is that you should create a list of samples that can showcase what you have been doing. It is the best way to communicate to clients about your skills as most of them will trust you after seeing the works you have done in the past. When composing a portfolio, be sure to include the best shots you ever did, so don’t just provide any photos you have in your collection. If you have been to photography contests and won any prizes, don’t forget to add this information as it helps to boost your portfolio.

What you want to achieve with all this is to tell the world that you have the skills and that you are the best fit for a position as a paid photographer. Many freelance photographers you see around started with posting some samples online and with time they garnered a following, which eventually resulted to them getting freelance jobs to work with some established companies in various specialties.

Getting the jobs

Building a portfolio is the initial step you should pursue, but after this you need to understand how to go about locating clients who are willing to pay you for your skills. This is the most challenging part and Summit Shah advises that you take your time before you jump into reaching clients. You need to come up with an approach that will sell you convincingly. Before you even think about it, first sort through your portfolio to check if the quality of your photos is within the expectation of many people who are likely to pay for your work. Research about the markets that are likely to need your input most and start submitting your applications.

Besides directly contacting these clients, you could use platforms like LinkedIn where many photographers have landed success by just showcasing their skills to thousands of potential clients. Ensure you create a professional page and always update some of your best shots to let these clients know what you can do. If your skills are worth the salt, within few days you should have received at least an invitation. After landing your first project, you will then have a seamless job proceeding to a higher level. The same clients you work with could connect you with others in their circles who need your skills.

Social media and Instagram

The other sure way you could use to pull an audience is using Instagram and other social media platforms like Facebook. You need to create pages with a description of what you do then make sure to provide as many creative images as you can. Your work is what will determine the number of people who will find your skills appealing, so you should put some effort to ensure you provide only the best. Good photos will attract people who appreciate quality and this is how you will build your career as a freelance photographer.

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