Nancy Behrman Reflects on Ideal Uses for Photoshop in PR and Brand Building


nancy behrman photoshop business logoIn the world of public relations and brand building, it is entirely common to make frequent use of Photoshop as a part of a comprehensive campaign. Nancy Behrman would likely be among the first to note that despite the frequency of Photoshop’s use, a surprising number of professionals appear to lack a nuanced understanding of how to best utilize this essential tool. If this were the case, of course, it would be unlikely that so many devastating Photoshop faux pas would require a level of damage control that is entirely contrary to the goal of any public relations or branding campaign.

In order to avoid these negative consequences in a PR campaign designed to generate wholly positive outcomes, expert Photoshop professionals recommend using the tool to highlight what is already there while only eliminating minor distractions from the background. An ideal example can be found in star trail processing, in which the time-lapse photography is edited using both Photoshop and Lightroom.

During a time-lapse of the night sky, for example, it is fairly likely that there will be trails stemming from satellites and airplanes that should be removed through the cloning out process available in Photoshop. This approach highlights the central subject of the composition rather than altering the subject, which is a concept that can be easily applied to all marketing materials in which imagery that can be Photoshopped is utilized.

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