Photoshop’s Notoriously Difficult Platform Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

In one of the more comical (depending on your perspective, of course) differences of consumer opinion, Photoshop’s decision to continually design its platform with little consideration for ease of use has been adored by longtime users and simultaneously despised by new users who are turned off by the perilously steep learning curve. The veteran users appreciated the fact that Photoshop seemed to be primarily concerned with nothing more than improving the overall functionality of the product rather than simplifying it for widespread use, ensuring that Photoshop consistently improved and evolved for the better over time.

Things have changed quite a bit recently, yet veterans users will continue to be pleased that Photoshop has not altered its main platform in an effort to reach new users. In keeping with the philosophy of “thinking differently” espoused by Ken Fisher, it has instead has created a highly simplified version of Photoshop called Adobe Post, which is designed to allow new users to create and alter images through an application compatible with iOS. It is not the most customizable software and it is intentionally inflexible, so it seems to be ideally suited and specifically designed for those who wish to have the ability to create and edit images quickly and easily without having to invest the time and effort required to fully understand Photoshop.

This is clearly good news for the makers of the ever-popular “memes,” especially for those who want to be able to quickly react to what they see as a burgeoning trend capable of going viral. It is also good news for veteran Photoshop users who seem to be perpetually nervous that their favorite editing software will eventually be simplified and not include the unbelievable volume of editing capabilities that, while incredibly complex and difficult to learn, has made the software one of the most popular options among those throughout the design industry.

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