The Different Views Of Photoshop

In the recent years, Photoshop has been getting a bad rep due to the just be yourself campaign. The reason why is because Photoshop, most know, has the ability to transform faces and entire bodies. A survey in 2011 said Photoshop had created a lot of distrust for people meeting online when sending pictures of themselves. Most people believe that the photo editing software has a tendency to create expectations of unnatural and unrealistic beauty. Most would argue Photoshop causes people to really feel uncomfortable about their physical flaws and showing themselves to the world unedited has become nearly taboo. In a sense, photoshop has become the “digital makeup”.

There is another way to look at this from a different perspective through the eyes of a graphic editor. Those who do work with Photoshop and fix facial flaws and blemishes on the skin without the model needing medications doesn’t see it as trying to push perfection and making a person look better than they are. Zits and blemishes are not who a person is and are temporary anyway. The editor is simply erasing these things.


Dana Sibilsky Written by: