The Power of Professional Photos in Building Your Brand

Marketers and branding experts know the power of visuals. Though our society seems to be very text and logic based, many our decisions are actually made by emotions. Visual images create an emotion in the viewer that can even function on a subconscious level. Because of this, images are very powerful. Branding expert D. Scott Carruthers states that using professional photos when you build your brand can make the difference between sinking and succeeding.

Your brand is your companies personality. Think of your images as the first impression that your brand makes. When you meet a person, do you want to listen to what they have to say before you form an opinion on them? Most likely, you have received the first impression from them even before they begin to speak. This is just like your branding. The customers and clients that come into contact with your brand will form an opinion before they even begin to dive into your content, products, and services. This first impression is based on the incoming data that they can receive about you and your company immediately. Most likely, this will have to do with the fonts and the images that you use, as well as other design elements in the very first items that they come into contact with, whether that be packaging, a website, or a business card.

You can control all aspects of what your clients come into contact with when it comes to your brand. Think about what they see first, and then ask yourself what kind of impression it is making. Because images are so powerful, it is important that you use some form of imagery when introducing yourself and your company right away. In order to do this properly, you must use professional photography.

When you see an image you judge immediately what quality level the product in the image is. The truth is that this has little to do with the product itself, and more to do with the photography. Many successful business men, including D. Scott Carruthers, have found that the quality of the photograph itself has the power to sell a product. A professional photographer knows how to highlight the beautiful aspects of your product. This does not mean that you have to be selling a physical product. The “product” that your photographer is selling could be you if you are a freelancer, or it could be the quality of your services.

When you entice viewers with the high quality of your product, you have the ability to build your brand. The most important thing, when it comes to building up a company, is that you are selling something that people need and value. Once they are sold on the fact that they want your product, you will have a loyal customer. Branding fills in the gaps and makes your customers even more excited about what you are selling, but the truth is that even with the best branding in the world if you are selling a product that no one wants you will not succeed. Use professional photography to create a strong first impression that lets your clients know exactly how high quality and impeccable your company is. Entice them to your product, whether that be physical or not, through stunning images taken by a professional photographer.

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