Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Social Media Presence

John Palino For Mayor of Auckland – Campaign Launch
John Palino For Mayor of Auckland – Campaign Launch

Creating an Internet presence is a vital step for ensuring success regardless of the industry you are in, and establishing a following on social media is a valuable way to be able to market your products or services. The problem with using social media solely for this purpose is that most people do not want to be inundated with posts that only promote something that is going to make you money. They want to be entertained, and they are your audience, after all.

So how can you use social media for marketing purposes while also building an audience that is consistently entertained and therefore continues to grow? There are a number of measures that can be used for this purpose, but Luigi Wewege notes that one of the simplest strategies is through the use of comical images that have been edited by using Photoshop. This may require you to hire a graphic designer if you have that kind of funding, but a bit of research and practice on your part may just be enough do the trick.

In using Photoshopped images, it is important to understand that the image has to say something that is both unique and relevant. It is also vital to not use outdated images or memes, as this will only serve to alienate you from your prospective audience. The goal of using these images is therefore twofold, in that you must engage your audience through humor and simultaneously inform them about a product or service that you provide.

The latter part can be done indirectly, as merely drawing attention to your social media account will lead your followers to look into who you are and what you do. The best approach, however, is to combine these elements so that your audience does not have to figure out what it is you do indirectly. This requires a more nuanced approach, but it can yield tremendous results when done properly.

Photoshop is not a difficult skill to learn, but there have been a number of social media accounts that have gained a significant following precisely because of their lack of editing abilities. In fact, some of these accounts have garnered national attention by using outdated software, such as MS Paint, for editing, and the resulting images are hilarious simply because of the poor quality of the “artistic rendering.”

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